August 1, 2017

MUSIC - Did We Just Become Best Music Friends? W/ Julian Bahmani A.K.A. Volpe

On a very special bonus episode of Sight & Sound Music, Jaye welcomes guest Julian Bahmani, A.K.A. Volpe to the show to discuss his creative endeavors and journey. On this episode the guys nerd out about utilizing the computer as a music instrument and the apprehension that comes with it, as well as what it takes to be unapologetic about your artwork. There is a ton of technical talk on this podcast as Jaye finally has a like minded individual to talk to about the finer details and nuances of being a lover of music. Finally, Julian explains in detail how he developed the concept for his recent full length album under the name Volpe, the album entitled, Seasons.

Make sure to check out Volpe’s music everywhere online.

Volpe on Facebook -

Volpe on YouTube -

Volpe’s album is available wherever music is found, but if you are a Spotify user, you can listen  to his album, Seasons here

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